Monday, October 22, 2012

YOUNG LOBSTER BIB: Action Bronson & The Alchemist - "The Symbol" (Rare Chandeliers, VICE)

It's pretty safe to assume that Action Bronson & The Alchemist first met while in the studio recording assorted parts for Domo Genesis' No Idols mixtape; Alchemist acted as reigning producer over the entire project and Bronsolini was featured on central track "Elimination Chamber" along with Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples. Instead of working on his 2-3rd album for new label VICE Records, Action Bronson is currently chipping away @ roughly 3-5 [FREE] mixtapes. It seems like the first one to fully materialize is gonna be Rare Chandeliers with The Alchemist, which should ultimately end up premiering online by mid-November. But I'd almost bet $100 that Bronson's been working on a batch of album-quality material for VICE the entire time now... as he's a man of vast mystery, intrigue, and surprise! Earlier today, it was reported that Action Bronson will be taking a will-deserved break - Heading out on a 14-date Fall Tour with Cypress Hill, running through December. He'll be stopping @ Bam Margera-owned club The Note on Oct. 21st and then "The Troc" in Philly Nov. 2nd!

Rik Cordero bravely directed the BALLSY music video for lead single, "The Symbol," which casts Action Bronson as a violent, vengeful Albanian coke lord "gunning [to settle] one last score before quitting the game." Painfully dramatic scenes of a blonde-wigged Bronson fucking with drugs, guns, money, and women are juxtaposed against The Alchemist's Funky, guitar-laden production work. Action Bronson should be able to keep busy for a little while... simultaneously working on albums/mixtapes with Party Supplies, Tommy Mas, Harry Fraud, Statik Selektah, and his super-group M.A.R.S. While the good people @ VICE Records are patiently waiting for Bronson to hand over his label debut, they really just want a couple "doggie bags of his famous wild, imported Irish goat, which apparently he makes in a BBQ pit somewhere in Queens." Hopefully, this immense outpouring of new material will feature game-winning assists from some of Bam Bam Bronsolini's infamous rapping friends: Earl Sweatshirt, Das Racist, Asher Roth, Saigon, RiFF RAFF, Meyhem Lauren, etc.!

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