Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dubbing Down The Horse?: The Wallflowers - "Re-boot The Mission" (Mick Jones)

I just recently bought a second copy of The Wallflowers' Bringing Down The Horse (1996), which along with Jagged Little Pill & Crash, was one of the first CD's I ever bought with my own money as a kid. Now, we all remember those great mid-90's Alternative Rock hit singles like "One Headlight," "The Difference," and "6th Avenue Heartache" ... The Wallflowers' first single after a nearly 7-year hiatus, "Re-boot The Mission" is a really Dance-Funk-leaning Rock "N" Roll swinger of a track; Noticeably influenced by The Clash's unique brand of Reggae-fied Dance rhythms, it seems pretty fitting that "Re-boot" features the guitar/back-up vocal talents of Ska Punk pioneer, Mick Jones. The seasoned vet also lent his musical talents to another one of The Wallflowers' new tracks included within Glad All Over, which is out this upcoming Tuesday (October 9th).

Black Dog Films director Sam Jones cleverly managed to inter-splice raw footage of dancers "cutting a rug" against in-studio tape of The Wallflowers jamming to create "Re-boot The Mission"'s companion music video. It quite possibly marks the first time EVER in recorded history that anyone's pop-and-locked to the music of a Dylan ha. Towards the track's middle section, Jakob Dylan initiates a shout-out ["toast"] section where he proceeds to name-check the rest of The Wallflowers' current line-up: Rami Jaffee, Greg Richling, Stuart Mathis, and new drummer Jack Irons (RHCP). When speaking about the band's slightly updated sound, Dylan simply said that the goal was to try to be "a Rock band that could make a Dance track too, without crossing over to the extreme side."

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