Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lord of The Game: Death Grips - "True Vulture" [Bare] _ (Galen Pehrson Installation)

Barely teetering the fine line between "underground kings" and commercial over-exposure, Death Grips have managed to record and release a STELLAR sample-based mixtape and 2 full-length albums since forming over Winter 2010-11. Their second vigilantly self-released record of 2012 notoriously featured "NO LOVE DEEP WEB" scrawled across a boner-fied dick! 2 alternate [soft] covers were soon re-released, but not before Death Grips topped BitTorrent's "Legally Downloaded Music" list with 34,151,432 downloads. In the midst of NO LOVE DEEP WEB's 12am guerrilla style mass liberation, a non-album cut dubbed "True Vulture Bare" was uncovered by a tech-savvy fan named moralreef.

Now, nearly a month later... Death Grips have wholeheartedly abandoned their usual home-made music video feel, teaming up with director-animator, Galen Pehrson; Presented by LA's very own Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), it's one trippy-ass ride that's been tailor-fit to go along with "True Vulture." Listed right under Death Grips' somewhat out-of-place "SCORE" top-billing, Pehrson credits Jena Malone with voice-over work. The nearly 3.5-minute video looks a little bit like Peter Pan meets The Muppets and follows an ever-morphing stack of cash as it slips out of a dog-lady's grips and into outer space. Death Grips' muddied new track, "True Vulture" is equally as trippy, Experimental, progressive, colorful, and simply out there as it's matching visuals!

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