Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OMG, Look @ Their Freeky Fashion!?: Die Antwoord - "FATTY BOOM BOOM" (Concrete Jungle)

Off in their own little [Zef stylized] world, Die Antwoord somehow manage to take arguably out-dated, corny Pop Culture nuances and try to make them semi-"relevant" once again. So, with that said... maybe the almost instantly controversial full-body "blackface" paint might just be a twisted send-up to that one time Eddie Murphy or Dave Chappelle wore white face paint ha. Die Antwoord seem to be re-invigorating a long-forgotten feud with Lady GaGa in their newest music video for "FATTY BOOM BOOM," too. In typical Rap beef fashion, a tranny GaGa impersonator rocks a meat dress (no pun intended) and eventually becomes a lion's tasty dinner; Only after finding her way on foot to a South African gynecologist after her Big 5 "tour bus" breaks down, then birthing a small insect.

Now, that's all inter-spliced against performance footage of Die Antwoord lacing up "FATTY BOOM BOOM" ... whilst wearing full-body costumed outfits that vaguely resemble blackface, the Chinese flag, and a KKK uniform. Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Ninja & DJ Hi-Tek have managed to utterly shock and appall fans world-wide, yet again! Last week's Honey Boo Boo-themed episode of South Park was suspiciously titled "Fatty Doo Doo." I'd really like to think that Trey Parker & Matt Stone are Die Antwoord fans, but maybe it's just a mere coincidence. Sounds like it comes and goes pretty quick, but I guess there's a brief scene @ roughly 0:45-50 that shows a graffitied wall featuring Kanye & Nicki Minaj literally shitting on The Black Eyed Peas. Die Antwoord self-released their second album, Ten$ion (Zef Recordz) back in January 2012, soon after parting ways with Interscope.

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