Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Watch The Throne Meets "Bohemian Rhapsody:" Weekend Money - Naked City EP (Greedhead)

It kinda seems like Weekend Money were added to the Das Racist/Union Transfer bill in the final hour" ... But man, they've gotta be the TIGHTEST rap crew I've never heard of! Ne$$ & Baghdaddy proceeded to [brutally] open the show and were followed up by fellow Greedhead labelmates: SAFE, Lakutis, and flamboyant rapper LE1F. Impose Magazine goes on to cleverly point out that this is NOT the same Ness that Diddy notoriously sent across the frozen Brooklyn Bridge to buy a cheesecake on Making The Band 2. Weekend Money Ne$$ was born and raised in Philly and is now co-aligned with politically conscious Hip-Hop group, dead prez. Since immigrating 1/2 way across the world, DJ Baghdaddy has been able to learn/produce under the wing of seasoned Roots beatsmith, Hot Sugar.

Ne$$ had a chance meeting with Baghdaddy @ a party; While he had never produced a Hip-Hop beat before, the 2 ended up vibing pretty well... melding together Hip-Hip & Electro attributes to create the unique sound housed on Naked City EP, which was released online last Tuesday. It's 9 colorful, genre-blending tracks, one of which even features a guest verse from Greedhead label-man Himanshu (Heems). Weekend Money's Facebook page seemingly self-describes Naked City EP as "Watch The Throne spliced with "Bohemian Rhapsody,"' seamlessly blending the musical characteristics of both New York and producer-vocalist Baghdaddy's homeland, Iraq.

"Naked City speaks to what we were going through while recording the EP. It's about New York and our perceptions of it. If you line the tracks up by date of creation, they tell the story of our past year and the trials we went through - the hope, the pain, everything... New York City is everything. We wouldn’t have made this project if we didn't live here. There are so many people, personalities, stories, sounds, et cetera everywhere you turn."

- Weekend Money

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