Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mello Music Group Presents: Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown - "Truth Be Told" (Dice Game)

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown are quite arguably the most downright Funky, brutally honest Detroit natives since Smokey Robinson & The Miracles! Fresh on the heels of a few solid 2010-11 joint albums, Apollo Brown successfully flipped a smooth crooning [ghostly] sample of "Awe, baby, it's been so-ooo looong" that's perfectly suited for a few introspective Guilty Simpson verses. Generally mis-labelled as an "Underground MC," Simpson has been actively rapping ever since 1991... released his Stones Throw debut, Ode to The Ghetto in 2008, and has worked with everyone from J Dilla to Geoff Barrow (Portishead). "Truth Be Told" is the first taste/lead single to whet our appetites for Dice Game, which is currently slated for a Nov. 13th release. Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown managed to rope in a set of top-notch feature guest verses from Torae and Planet Asia, too.

"Someone once said that life's a gamble. Kinda like shootin' dice in an alley. The risk is high but the gain is higher, and when it's all said and done, you hold your breath and collect your dues. With lyrics that grip like a handful of ones, and beats that hit like ivory on cement, this album is just that, a Dice Game ... "Truth Be Told" finds the Motor City rhymer bearing his soul over a slow-burning soul chop that is trademark Apollo Brown. Guilty's usual ferocity is tempered by his introspection, reminiscing back to times when he was hustling and living fast but without direction."

- Mello Music Group (Bandcamp)

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