Sunday, April 7, 2013

DA GRODDFATHER, Part III: Sean Price - "Bar-Barian" (Duck Down)

Sean Price is kinda like a one-man Run-D.M.C., when you really think about it; a no bullshit, low gimmick guy with outta-this-world rapping abilities! Price could easily out-rap your favourite Ringtone Rapper on an off day, while hooking up with your mom (Yeah, he's THAT kinda dude) ha. Long-time label, Duck Down have invested a good-sized chunk of change into producing 4-6 simplistic music videos for Mic Tyson and some of it's bonus cuts: "The Genesis of The Omega," "Haraam," "STFU (Part 2)," "I See," and "BBQ Sauce." Now, we're talkin' about videos that re-cast Sean Price as a crazed lumberjack, jet-setting humanitarian, cartoon robot ape fighter, ruthless drug dealer, and a sharp-tongued emcee. Duck Down unleashed the gritty Isaac Aguirre-directed "Bar-Barian" video just in time for the weekend; It's a short and sweet snow-covered clip that features Sean Price spitting cold hard rhymes and looking like a barbarian, while his Boot Camp Clik[?] brethren wield primitive weaponry. Mic Tyson doesn't even have a single FF-worthy track and remarkably, Sean Price's already writing/recording it's proper follow-up, which could tentatively be titled either Tackleberry or Slumlord.

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