Friday, April 19, 2013

Gravely Rhythm & Blues: Daughn Gibson - "The Sound of Law" (Sub Pop)

Daughn Gibson is a former truck driver who looks like he could be a flannel/chainsaw model and sings kinda like a disjointed mix between Joy Division, Crash Test Dummies, and Johnny Cash. Gibson's new label, Sub Pop is gearing up to release his second album, Me Mean, this upcoming July 8-9th; It was recorded with producer, Benjamin Balcom and features guitar work from John Baizley (Baroness) and Jim Elkington (Brokeback). I really don't think that calling Daughn Gibson's unique style of music Americana would be totally inappropriate or wrong... Sub Pop laments that "if All Hell was a gritty black-and-white movie, Me Moan is a widescreen IMAX 3-D extravaganza." Just unleashed late Thursday afternoon, "The Sound of Law" is a deep, gravely-voiced progressively dark track that makes use of a wide array of live instrumentation including drums, pedal steel, horns, house strings, bagpipes, and organs. Daughn Gibson was born and raised in Nazareth, PA and currently hails from Carlisle; Before aligning with Sub Pop, he was previously signed to Matt Korvette's own Philly-based White Denim imprint and previously spent some time drumming with revered Stoner-Metal outfit, Pearls & Brass.

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