Friday, April 26, 2013

Ride Like The Wind: Los Porcos - "Do You Wanna Live?" (Formerly WU LYF)

Los Porcos are a band of self-proclaimed "Disco House Pigs" hailing from New Pork City; Consisting of 3 former members of recently defunct Manchester band WU LYF, as well as musicians from FAMY and Profondo. Tom McClung, Joe Manning, Evans Kati, and the rest of the band played their first show in London last night, April 25th @ Jones' Disco (Salon Club). Los Porcos' Facebook page was mysteriously registered way back in Sept. 2012 and 2 Yacht Rock-inspired tracks, "Do You Wanna Live?" and "Jesus Luvs U Baby," were uploaded to Soundcloud last month. Honestly, I think the Jones' Disco show flyer describes Los Porcos' 1960-70's Funk-drenched sound best, "pumpin' the smoothest tracks of New Pork City all over town, coming up through the dancefloor & into your trotters. Said we got the groove! "You fake The Funk [and] your nose'll grow."'

Needless to say, WU LYF/Los Porcos didn't really generate a lot of headlines til NME posted a short interview with drummer Joe Manning, the ex-WU LYF members' first published reaction to frontman Ellery Roberts' sudden departure: "We all knew it wasn't working. There's no one explanation for it. There's a million reasons that don't amount to much more than it just didn't work. No one is trying to cover anything up. If it doesn't work, it's going to break eventually." No word just yet on if/when Los Porcos plan to release a full-length, which would be the proper follow-up to WU LYF's lone album, Go Tell Fire to The Mountain (2011). "Do You Wanna Live?" is a smooth, bass-heavy nearly 6-minute long Soft Rock romper. It's kinda hard to judge a new band based solely off 2 formative tracks... But I think I'm gonan stick around to see what Los Porcos have in store next for the music world!

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