Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guess Who's Back, Back Again!?: Quasimoto - "Planned Attack" (Yessir Whatever)

Quasimoto is one of producer/rapper extraordinaire Madlib's many alter-egos; But this one's a brick-wielding yellow critter with a high-pitched voice and an affinity for weed smoke. Rumors of a new Lord Quas album titled Yessir Whatever began to swirl earlier this month, which ends up being a 12-track "Odds & Sods" style comp. album. Stones Throw lamented that "Yessir Whatever collects 12 tracks made by Madlib & Quasimoto over a roughly 12-year period. A few were released on rare and out-of-print vinyl, while a few others are previously unreleased, now mixed and mastered for the first time" in a recent press release. I'm almost positive that this collection includes 4 previously unreleased tracks, too: "Planned Attack," "Brothers Can't See Me," "Catchin' The Vibe," and "LAX to JFK," which don't seem to have appeared anywhere else prior.

Madlib's scattered post-The Further Adventures of Lord Quas/The Unseen discography includes Microphone Mathematics, Hittin' Hooks 7", Astronaut EP, Broad Factor 12", and The Front/Youngblood 45. "Planned Attack" is arguably being pushed as Yessir Whatever's lead promo single, for all intensive purposes; Miskha Bloglin staff writer beholdthedestroyer quite fittingly described the track's overall sound as "like you're eavesdropping on a conversation between a child genius and his blunted uncle while someone flips between Blaxploitation movies in the background." Yessir Whatever is now available for pre-order over @ Stones Throw on LP/CD, complete with a peel-off cover sticker revealing Quasimoto's guts and bonus Hittin' Hooks 45 (expected to ship by or before June 18th).

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