Monday, April 29, 2013

Return of The Metal-Faced Villain: Clams Casino & DOOM - "BOOKFIEND" (Lex Records?)

It's a collaboration that no one really expected, but everyone secretly dreamt about and longed for: [MF] DOOM & Clams Casino! We're talkin' about the most mysterious man in Hip-Hop and rising Cloud Rap beat-maker, Mike Volpe (Clams Casino). The Nutley, NJ native's self-released Instrumentals 1-2 mixtapes (2011-12) are arguably right up there with classic DOOM albums Operation: Doomsday, Mm.. Food, and MADVILLAINY, and MF DOOM Meets Clutchy Hopkins. @clammyclams Tweeted early Monday morning, "new track (feat. DOOM) available now at new site CLAMMYCLAMS.COM," which in turn, linked to Soundcloud. "BOOKFIEND" essentially features DOOM spitting wordy, dense rhymes about occult leader Alistair Crowly, Kindle tablets, allusions to "November Has Come," whatever the Hell Tetragrammaton is, and Netflix over a spaced out Clams Casino beat... "It's Netflix to the head, second best trick to get chicks to the bed." The track's likely to appear on a rumored upcoming DOOM/Lex Records album, who vaguely laments, "Look out for more DOOM collaborations on Lex coming later this year;" an album which may or may not include last year's one-off with Jay-Z DJ-producer Young Guru, "DOOMSAYER."

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