Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fool's Gold Presents: Run The Jewels - "Get It" (El-P & Killer Mike AKA Mike Bigga)

Run The Jewels are already poised to be a little different than El-P & Killer Mike's previous collaborations because it'll feature the 2 emcees trading bars, rather than just acting as rapper/producer. The LL Cool J-inspired "dream team" are planning to unleash a currently untitled free album [mixtape] by June on Fool's Gold. "Get It" is our first LEGIT taste of what Run The Jewels really have in store for the unsuspecting world of Hip-Hop, unless you count that short and sweet 90-second "Banana Clipper" sample. Tom Breihan recently attempted to describe "Get It"'s overall sound as "someone beating up Kanye's "Clique" with an aluminum baseball bat," which I think is a pretty accurate description for El-P's borderline mainstream, robot squall-accented brand of Experimental Hip-Hop.

It's almost impossible to explain how HARD this track hits using mere words... so, here's a few sample lyrics, for those not yet fully sold: "The company of women with opinions and fat asses / That's my list of demands / You don't answer them, get the Gatling" (El-P) and "I exit stepping with my weapon with the Jefferson walk / If you expressing any objections, you can get left in chalk" (Killer Mike). Cancer 4 Cure & R.A.P. Music, arguably 2 of last year's best Hip-Hop albums, were released roughly a week apart; I copped them from Amazon about a month ago for $20 and while I haven't spun R.A.P. Music as much as Cancer 4 Cure, both CD's are utterly fucking incredible! El-P & Killer Mike are soon headed out on a summer-long tour with Despot and former Das Racist emcee Kool A.D., which is currently set to run from July 10-August 14th.

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