Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PARTY FUN BLAST: KEN Mode - "Counter Culture Complex" (Warrior Chicks?)

It's very likely that "Counter Culture Complex" is the first Sludge Metal-associated music video to feature leather-clad warrior chicks running around, wreaking havoc across a barren wasteland. No, KEN Mode doesn't have anything to do with Barbie's crotch-less boy toy, it actually stands for "Kill Everyone Now." Formerly titled "Party Fun Blast," the track's pulled from KEN Mode's fifth and latest alum Entrench, which was released on Season of Mist this past March 15th. "Counter Culture Complex" is a nearly perfect Metal/Hardcore/Noise-Rock hybrid that formally introduces the band's new bassist, Andrew LaCour. Brothers Jesse & Shane Matthewson formed KEN Mode in their hometown of Winnipeg, Canada way back in 1999 and have gone through about 3-5 bassists over the years before discovering LaCour (2011). These guys would've been perfect for Headbanger's Ball...especially with a video like this that comes complete with hot warrior chicks, snow-covered performance shots, an angry demon, Heavy Metal guitar riffs, Satanic imagery, sword fighting, FIRE, etc. From what I'm led to understand, Shane & Jesse Matthewson just recently quit their swanky/unfulfilling office jobs as accountants. So, support "the good fight" and go pick up a copy of KEN Mode's new album, Entrench!

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