Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Here's The Thing:" Alec Baldwin Interviews Thom Yorke (Atoms for Peace, Radiohead)

While Alec Baldwin's first major post-30 Rock endeavor, "Here's The Thing" only has about 4,000+ Facebook Likes, Baldwin's still been able to book some pretty A-List-worthy celebrity talent for his bi-monthly podcast series: Brian Williams, Lena Dunham (Girls), Billy Joel, Judd Apatow, Andrew McCarthy, Fred Armisen, and most recently, Thom Yorke. Randomly littered with mid-conversation Capitol One drops, Baldwin's latest podcast is a rare sit-down with a mysterious an who really doesn't give a lot of interviews; Alec Baldwin & Thom Yorke's nearly hour-long conversation covers everything from getting impromptu singing lessons from Björk and Micahel Stipe (R.E.M.), computer-based recording techniques, just being able to email guys like Flea to join a band, etc. Here's a choice quote pulled from their "Here's The Thing" interview: "I got Ed [O'Brien] because he was dressed like Morrissey and he had some cool socks, and I saw he had a guitar. I had no idea whether he could play or not. I didn't really care. I got Colin [Greenwood] because I knew Colin could play very well and I needed a bass player who could play very well, but he'd never played bass before. And his brother Jonny [Greenwood] was this mythical musical prodigy, so I roped him in, and then Phil [Selway] was the only drummer we knew anyway, so - and he had a house down the road that we could rehearse in." Atoms for Peace unleashed their long-awaited XL Recordings debut, AMOK back on February 25th. Alec Baldwin's upcoming projects, on the other hand, include AmeriQua, Blue Jasmine, Caught Stealing, and made-for-TV movie The Natural Heart.

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