Thursday, May 23, 2013

Action-Packed Saskatoon Rock "N" Roll: The Sheepdogs - "Feeling Good" (Patrick Carney)

Here's the scenario: Late to work Wednesday morning, the minutes are quickly ticking away past 8 o'clock and I'm whizzing down Route 77. But in the end, late's late and I'm not really too concerned. Seems like I always [inconveniently] manage to catch Preston & Steve (hands down, one of Philly's best morning radio shows) when they're playing music rather than cracking jokes, gossiping, etc; a track was soon cued that I later learned was The Sheepdogs - "Feeling Good," which I equate to a mix between The Black Keys/Queens of The Stone Age. The Sheepdogs' self-titled fourth album doubles as both their major label debut and commercial break-through, for all intensive purposes. While Ewan Currie, Leot Hanson, Ryan Gullen & Sam Corbett formed The Sheepdogs in Saskatoon, CAN around 2006, they became "The First Band to Ever Grace The Cover of Rolling Stone" in August 2011 after months of intense competition and 1.5 million votes cast online. That's when the band linked up with Atlantic Records (Warner Music Canada), who I'd guess used their major label muscle to recruit Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Rolling Stone editor Austin Scaggs, dually acting as the album's co-producers.

Amongst the Shazam-included links was a hyper-link to "Feeling Good"'s music video that re-casts The Sheepdogs as heroic, terrorist fighting action figures! I was instantly reminded of Nickelodeon's unique late 90's variety show KABLAM, it's "chuckimated" live-action mini-series Action League Now!, in particular. C'mon, doesn't anybody remember the disjointed adventures of The Flesh, Thundergirl, Stinky Diver & Meltman!? I know I'm incredibly late discovering this great Rock "N" Roll band just now, since "Feeling Good" was uploaded way back in January and released The Sheepdogs as early as Sept. 4th. Now, back to the video... The Sheepdogs' red emergency phone rings while they're @ band practice and the action league slides down their fire pole as they're called to save the day! It's perfectly complimented by "Feeling Good" and if you didn't know any better, you might think you're watching a cheesy 70's action flick; The Sheepdogs enter the jungle by Jeep, helicopter, speedboat, and motorcycle and quickly happen upon the evil ninjas' secret lair. We're talkin' guns, fire, hand-to-hand combat, scantily-clad women, bloodshed, dynamite, chainsaws, plenty of Rock "N" Roll, etc. "Between the physically demanding stunt work and the 200-day filming schedule in Cambodia," laments frontman Ewan Currie, "it was by far the most challenging project we've worked on to date!"

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