Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hardcore Mid-Life Crisis: Black Flag - "Down In The Dirt" (FLAG Dissing Note)

Forget about aging gracefully; Life-time Punk Rockers Greg Ginn, Ron Reyes, Gregory Moore, and Dale Nixon Dave Klein (Screeching Weasel) are still as angst-filled, rebellious, and aggressive as they were way back in 1979. Coincidentally and much to their dismay, another sect of former Black Flag members AKA FLAG fronted by Keith Morris are actively touring this summer, too. Greg Ginn & Black Flag are prepping a currently untitled 22-track "new Black Flag" album for release on SST Records later this summer; Track titles are rumored to include "Honey, I Shit My Pants (Again)," "Viagra Blues," "Hair Down The Drain," "A Little to The Left," etc. "Down In The Dirt" was quietly uploaded online late Friday afternoon, along with a tastefully honest note from the band: "SST Records is proud to announce a free download of the first new Black Flag song in many years, "Down In The Dirt" ... ***NOTE: Not to be confused with the 'fake' FLAG band currently covering the songs of Black Flag in an embarrassingly weak "mailing it in" fashion*** We urge you to check out the real Black Flag when they hit your area."

While I'm sure they'll arguably sound better live, this is pretty ungodly terrible; I initially felt bad for Henry Rollins because he was seemingly left out, but maybe he's really the one who ended up coming out on top!? Although I must admit, Greg Ginn's infamous guitar work is still pretty on point and ear-piercing after all these years! DIY Punk fans with a slightly Indie Rock-leaning appetite should check out Dirty Projectors master-mind Dave Longstreth's full-album Damaged re-make, Rise Above (2007), which he supposedly recorded straight from memory after not spinning the album for nearly 10-15 years. Until these guys decide to bury the hatchet and just head out on a co-headlining Black Flag/FLAG mega-tour together, you'll have to look up separate tour [festival] dates, if you wanna see Keith Morris' version, FLAG. He's taking some much-needed time off from Hardcore super-group OFF! to actively rival Blag Flag along with former bandmates Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena, Bill Stevenson, and Stephen Egerton (Descendents).

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