Monday, May 20, 2013

Now My Beard Look Like Uday & Qusay: Action Bronson - "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" (VICE Records)

Action Bronson's almost effortlessly able to cram a bunch of misplaced syllables into "Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a Care Bear / All year see me tan, hopping out the van... Eat steaks off a cold plate, stoned listening to Coldplay," a few of the introductory rapid-fire lines of "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" sounding like a high school English teacher on Speed; It's more or less, the lead single from an upcoming joint mixtape with rising Brooklyn producer, Harry Fraud that's been quite ingeniously dubbed Saab Stories. Noisey, sister site of Bronson's new-found major label home (VICE Records) premiered the Jason Goldwatch-directed music video mid-Monday afternoon, which was preceded by a collection of equally EPIC behind-the-scenes footage. Fraud has previously produced a number of scattered beats for Action Bronson including: "Jar of Drugs" (2011), "Muslim Wedding," "Mean," and tracks from Adrift/High Tide EP.

Goldwatch quite fittingly described "Strictly 4 My Jeeps"' overall feel as "a Rap video that makes fun of Rap videos, but it's still an amazing Rap video." Musical friends RiFF RAFF, Mayhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, and a handful of other shady characters managed to show up for the recent Queens-drenched shoot. We're talkin' about voluptuous [gross] women, Bronsolino's cartwheel/slam-dunk combo, some impressive weight-lifting, dripping wet hotties, a face cake, plenty of bumpin' & grindin', a tricked out gun metal Jeep, a rack of lamb feast, etc., if you somehow still need convincing. Last night, on the eve of his new video release, YUNG RICK PITINO (Bronson) dramatically Tweeted, "Finishing SAAAB STORIES WIT MY BROTHA @HarryFraud RIGHT NOW. THIS WILL BE OUT EARLY JUNE 10,000,000%, no matter what." While he's currently finishing up anywhere between 3-5 projects, Action Bronson is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with when talking about modern day Hip-Hop titans; one who could easily out-rap your little brother's favourite "Ringtone Rapper" without really even trying!

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