Saturday, May 4, 2013

Roses Really Smell Like Boo-Boo-Booo: Tame Impala - "Prototype" (Like a Version)

"It's one of our favourite songs ever, I think," Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker lamented before launching into a pretty spot-on cover of OutKast's "Prototype" from André 3000's 1/2 of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003). Guitar/keyboardist Nick "Paisley Adams" Allbrook effectively handles André 3000's echoing double-tracked vocals, crooning: "Today must be my lucky day... Do something outta the ordinary, like catch a matinee, baby." Tame Impala's 5-piece touring band -- which also includes Jay "Gumby" Watson, Dominic Simper, and Julien Barbagallo -- really do one Hell of a job @ channeling OutKast's psuedo-70's Soul-Funk vibe that's smoothly spread across the original.

The band's spirited cover was essentially recorded, tracked, and broadcast on-the-fly during a recent stop by hometown [Australian] radio station, Triple J for their infamous Like a Version segment. Tame Impala EP was re-released along with 2 extra tracks for Record Store Day on see-through red 12" vinyl; But the young Psych-Rock band's discography includes 2 full-lengths, Innerspeaker and Lonerism. While André 3000 is currently working on a Jimi Hendrix biopic, All Is By My Side and Big Boi is headed out on the "Shoes for Running" Tour with Killer Mike, an OutKast reunion album has supposedly been in-the-works since around 2008-10.

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