Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tell Momma I Made It: Harry Fraud, Earl Sweatshirt & RiFF RAFF - "Yacht Lash" (Scion A/V)

Rising Brooklyn producer-of-the-moment Harry Fraud wrangled up a crazy/awesome posse of Internet-friendly rappers for his upcoming High Tide EP; It'll feature frequent collaborator like Action Bronson, French Montana, and Chinx Drugz across 5 contained tracks. Lead single "Yacht Lash" positions JODY HiGHROLLER (RiFF RAFF) alongside Odd Future's returning prince, Earl Sweatshirt. Harry Fraud successfully melds together a DIRTY Psych-Rock-drenched Hip-Hop beat, which leaves plenty of room for 32+ bars worth of swagged out bravado. Earl Sweatshirt effectively slays the first 1/2 of this track, only his 10-12th recorded appearance since returning home from juvie in Samoa (Feb. 2012). Sweatshirt laments about his triumphant return to prominence, "Nothin' much to my ethics / Bitch, I'm joggin' like I already won the election / Fuck it, shunning protection... Rest assured, I keep the label embarrassed."

RiFF RAFF on the other hand, spits a steam-of-consciousness final verse that sounds something like Lil' Wayne on crack. The Texas emcee, who first made a name for himself on MTV's From G's to Gents, has cleverly aligned himself with everyone from Soulja Boy to Diplo and is currently working with A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg, and Drake on his Mad Decent debut, NEON iCON. RiFF RAFF somehow manages to name-check everything from Aladdin to Versace in his spastic verse, which is accented by Earl Sweatshirt frantically yelping, "Yacht crash, I got whiplash!" Sweatshirt is currently working on his highly anticipated Columbia/Tan Cressida label debut, along with Harry Fraud and RiFF RAFF, who are each working on 3-5 separate projects concurrently. Scion A/V plans to unleash Fraud's High Tide EP this upcoming Tuesday, May 7th.

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