Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winnipeg's National Treasure: Remy Shand - "Where Are We Going?" (Remy Records)

Suddenly re-invigorated Winnipeg Soul-Funk crooner Remy Shand has been largely and mysteriously in-active for the past 11 years; Although he recently re-emerged, quietly forming a "Remy Records" YouTube channel, and slowly uploading new/unreleased music. "Where Are We Going?" seems like the most fully fleshed out and complete-sounding track from Shand's recent batch of self-made videos, which also includes: "Mark Gonzales," "ROLLERGIRLS," and "Lust." Remy Shand's recent stream of output's supposedly culled from an immense back catalog-worth of music that includes, but isn't limited to the CANARY cassette (1996-97), a ready-for-remixing bedroom jam... and finally, "Where Are We Going?," a lesser known Blue Note era Donald Byrd nugget (later re-recorded by Marvin Gaye). It's attached video description briefly details that 100% of the track's instruments and vocals were recorded/mixed by Remy Shand @ Hollywood Dan's Sound Lair. Shand pieced together found footage from [Stewart] Wilensky's 1960's documentary, "Greenwich Village Sunday" for his seeming comeback video. I guess only time will tell what Remy Records has in store for the eagerly-awaiting masses, but it looks like Remy Shand is finally ready to bag those long-overdue Grammys! For fans of Blue-Eyed Soul both old and new: Sinatra, Mayer Hawthorne, Smokey Robinson, Justin Timberlake, etc.

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