Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boom-Bap, Original Rap: Roc Marciano & Cormega - "Ruff Town" (Marci Beaucoup?)

Roc Marciano makes what a Hip-Hop purist would best describe as "real Rap;" It doesn't take long to realize that Marciano & Cormega are highly-skilled wordsmiths, who could easily out-rap most guys without use of a proper beat (a cappella). We're kinda talkin' about the Thin Lizzies of Underground Hip-Hop... often referenced, admired, and copied by your favourite run-of-the-mill rappers. It's almost crazy to call something as immaculate-sounding as "Ruff Town" a mere loosie, but it really doesn't seem like a whole lot more than just that. Effectively 1/2 of a NOT super-group [M.A.R.S.] along with Action Bronson & Saigon, "Ruff Town" may or may not end up re-appearing on Roc Marciano's forth-coming third full-length, Marci Beaucoup. It's rumored to be a 100% Marciano-produced affair with nothing less than top-notch guest features from Freeway, Ka, Guilty Simpson, Boldy James, Knowledge The Pirate, M.A.R.S., and a few re-offenders from Reloaded (2012). Macri Beaucoup should be out by late summer, possibly co-released by Man Bites Dog Records and music video/commercial director Jason Goldwatch's Decon imprint.

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