Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Live from a 24-Hour Laundromat: Open Mike Eagle - "Qualifiers" (Alwayz Prolific & Taco Neck)

Art Hip-Hop enthusiast and criminally under-rated California-by-way-of-Chicago emcee Open Mike Eagle has recently linked up with Beats, Frames & Life and producer, Alwayz Prolific (Taco Neck) to release "Qualiifiers." A Hellfyre Club member and Busdriver affiliate, Eagle set up a make-shift stage/studio in a 24-hour laundromat and Giovanni Solis just so happened to film it. okayplayer quite appropriately describes Beats, Frames & Life's video series The Show as "where they take artists they fux with and have them perform in the most random places." It's great because you can genuinely tell that no one's in on the joke; a bunch of people washing and folding their clothes were just treated to an impromptu Open Mike Eagle & Alwayz Prolific mini-show! "Qualifiers" is simply down and dirty Hip-Hop @ it's best, part of which includes ferocious bars like: "Sick days, I got two left / So, I take five, Dave Brubeck / I make Jazz jokes, so I'm flat broke... We're the best, mostly / Sometimes the freshest rhymers / We the tightest kinda / Respect my qualifiers." While it's unclear where "Qualifiers" might eventually end up, Open Mike Eagle & Ras G.'s latest project, Kampala Blackouts EP is now available for download.

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