Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clinton Sparks Presents: Macklemore, 2 Chainz & D.A. - "Gold Rush" (Hip-Pop Hooray?)

Let's face it, there's a certain breed of Pop-injected Hip-Hop that's mainly meant for spoiled-rotten suburban white girls, slutty socialites, college co-eds with "daddy issues," etc. We'll just call it "Hip-Pop," for lack of a better term... Not to say that it can't be mildly good/catchy from time to time, but you're not gonna get the street grit of Wu-Tang or social commentary along the lines of Common. Anyways, when it comes to radio-friendly Hip-Pop, I'd say Macklemore & 2 Chainz are quite arguably 2 of the sub-genre's BIGGEST Internet-certified super-stars; each releasing 2 of 2012-13's more popular mainstream Hip-Hop albums, The Heist and Based On a T.R.U. Story, respectively. So, it makes complete and total sense that Boston-based Hip-Pop producer, Clinton Sparks enlisted the 2 rising emcees to appear together on a track for his upcoming album, "Disco Ball & Chain" (Def Jam). Sparks then recruited Chester French crooner and Rick Ross' right-hand man, D.A. to supply "Gold Rush"'s buttery smooth central hook, which debuted on Boston's very own JAM'N 94.5 frequency right around dinnertime Tuesday evening.

While he effortlessly manages to find the pocket, keeping his head afloat amongst a wide array of Rock "N" Roll accents, Macklemore ferociously raps on the track's second verse: "Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Ralph Violet / No nada won't holler / Going for my pockets / Gold digging in my wallet / You better holler at Ross / I'm not coping them all, I'm still shopping at Ross." Def Jam & Photo Finnish Records plan to co-release "Gold Rush" digitally on June 4th, while Clinton Sparks chips away @ his star-studded Disco Ball & Chain album. With all that said, I'll give Macklemore & Ryan Lewis some props because "Thrift Shop" somehow managed to sell 6.2 million+ copies without any major label backing whatsoever; plus "Can't Hold Us" is a genuinely catchy Hip-Hop track with a pretty damn EPIC sea-voyaging music video [featured above] that you probably recognize from those Microsoft Outlook commercials that have been brutally engrained into your brain. 2 Chainz on the other hand, is basically a complete piece of shit excuse for a rapper. "Birthday Song" is just alright on mute, thanks to all the big booty hoes and general non-sense. And for what it's worth, Tauheed Epps' long retired former handle, Tity Boi is a WAY more amusing and attention-grabbing rapper pseudo-name than 2 Chainz!

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