Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker (GIFTED & BLESSED) & Yeofi Andoh (A Race of Angels) Re-form The Steoples for Stones Throw Single, "From The Otherside" & Six Rocks Full-length

"Six Rocks is the first full-length from long-time collaborators GB and Yeofi (Gifted & Blessed // A Race of Angels,) known collectively as The Steoples; with solo careers working across genres, this album stands as a statement and homecoming for the duo," read a brief, yet rather telling description attached to a recent TICKETFLY page for The Stoples' Saturday, May 13th show at Zebulon in LA. Stones Throw's latest signee, The Steoples—consisting of singer-producer Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker and assumed multi-instrumentalist Yeofi Andoh—played their premier show along with label head and DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Rani de Leon, and DJ Sonny Abegaze. The Steoples' musical stylings have been previously described as "Electronic, Deep House, Downtempo, and Electro" by Discogs and tagged as "electronic, experimental & post-avant garde, healing & meditation, techno-indigenous studies, and los angeles" on GIFTED & BLESSED's label Bandcamp page.

Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker has been releasing a variety of genre-spanning music under a multitude of aliases since around 2004-05, some of which include releases from GIFTED & BLESSED (or simply GB,) The Abstract Eye, The Reflektor, Julian Abelar, GaBe, POLY, SOMOS, and most recently, Frankie Reyes; producer and bandmate Yeofi Andoh has released past musical efforts as A Race of Angels, Outside, and may even be a part-time member of GIFTED & BLESSED. Andoh seems to have even shot the cover image for English Punk/Indie Rock band Mega City Four's debut Tranzophobia as far back as 1989. Stones Throw's Friday afternoon introduction to The Steoples and their latest track, "From The Otherside," simply read: "a new track from the latest name at Stones Throw. The Steoples are Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker & Yeofi Andoh. Expect an album this summer." It appears as though said The Steoples album is likely called Six Rocks, as intentionally (or unintentionally) revealed within TICKETFLY's aforementioned Zebulon LA event listing. Judging by "From The Otherside" and The Steoples' lone 2012 self-titled EP on GIFTED & BLESSED, I would best equate Gabe & Yeofi's output to something along the lines of Stones Throw left-fielders James Pants, Australian multi-instrumentalist Jonti, or even recent signee Gabriel Garzón-Montano.

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