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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Run It Back: Revisiting A Mankind Complex's DESTINATION EP Ahead of Cap City Ent.'s Cinco de Mayo Show at McGuinn's with Ray Strife, RayRayBeats, Rocky & Alien (Lawrence Twp. NJ)

"We talk about the everyday ills of being black, while combining all of the things that make this country beautiful, ugly, and raging against the machine. Trino also explains a war with himself about what he sees of the [discrimination.] Should he feel angry and riot or should he sit back and be ignorant about it; the track, "Loose Change" explains that," Cap City Ent. founder and New Jersey-based producer Ill-Omega wrote within a recent emailed transmission. Many of you may recognize Ill-Omega's name from his recent work on emcee Ray Strife's latest Preface: I Will Never Be Beautiful EP, which was, as a matter of fact, premiered right here at Your Friendly Neighborhood Music Publication, The Witzard. Ill-Omega and emcee Trino first met back in the 7th grade, grew up together, and always possessed a common affinity for Hip-Hop. Trino started doing poetry, which eventually segued into rapping and coincidentally, right around the same time, Ill-Omega started his label imprint Cap City Ent. with fellow rapper and partner-in-rhyme simply known as Rocky; before too long, Trino imminently joined into the fold and it was decided to start a group, which they called Aquemini. "I'm an Aquarius and he's a Gemini. We also love the OutKast album of the same name. Later, we changed our name to A Mankind Complex. We thought that some people have a "God" complex and think big of themselves, but we [wanted] to have a voice of "mankind" and explain the faults and triumphs of mankind, so we have "A Mankind Complex,'" Ill-Omega further detailed.

Now, nearly a year after its initial release, Ill-Omega has requested I shine a little light back on A Mankind Complex's June 2016 Destination EP in this very space; a request which I'm very happy and honored to fulfill! Ill-Omega & Trino are actually warming up to play a $6 show later this week, Friday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) at McGuinn's Place at 1781 Brunswick Ave. Lawrence Township, NJ 08648. A Mankind Complex will be headlining a festive Cap City Ent. showcase along with fellow New Jersians Ray Strife, RayRayBeats, Rocky, and Alien. A Mankind Complex's Destination EP is the proper follow-up to their debut EP, D.R.E.A.M.S. (2016.) "The first track [on Destination,] "Stranger at Home" has a snippet from my other artist Rocky from another track called "Bullets & Cologne," which you can listen on our Soundcloud. We have a mixtape dropping in the spring called We're All Mad Here. The inspiration of the album was around all the racial tension going around the black shootings in 2016," Ill-Omega wrote, concerning A Mankind Complex's future aspirations. In addition to A Mankind Complex, Cap City Ent.'s roster additionally includes Ray Strife, Rocky, and Alien. A Mankind Complex are currently gearing up to unleash their aforementioned We're All Mad Here mixtape and companion full-length album Part 1: Vesica, the first of which can be expected this spring. Ill-Omega & Trino recently shared our first taste of We're All Mad Here in the form of "I Ain't The Problem"—a feverish, quick-strike track laced over a characteristically hard-as-nails Madlib beat!

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