Wednesday, May 31, 2017

J-Zone & Pablo Martin Are Ready to Thicken Your Oatmeal with Neckbones Once Again On The Du-Rites' "BITE IT" b/w "BOCHO'S GROOVE" 7-inch (from Album #2: Greasy Listening)

"The inspiration was mostly the good reception that the first album [The Du-Rites] had and sonically, the reference plan for have something consistent with our sound, but further enough from it to not sound repetitive [compared to the first album]. As for the single for Greasy Listening, as a whole, the main inspiration was the four months we had to wait to get the single back from the [pressing] plant," The Du-Rites' guitar/bass guitar/synthesizer/Fender Rhodes player Pablo Martin wrote within a recent emailed statement. "Sonically, it's dirtier and in general, it sounds like a smaller ensemble. Philosophically, it has to do with the transition of Jay moving on from the crap you have to deal [with being] an emcee and a Hip-Hop producer with the crap you have to deal with being a gigging drummer/musician and me having a good laugh, while witnessing that. The single is just the two of us doing the usual," Martin continued. He's of course, referring to The Du-Rites' Funk-tastic first 7-inch single, "Bite It" b/w "Bocho's Groove," from their second album, Greasy Listening slated for a Fall 2017 release. "Bite It" & "Bocho's Groove" are currently available for streaming on The Du-Rites' Soundcloud page and is available for $2 digital download from J-Zone's Bandcamp page, as well as 300 limited edition 7-inches and a special Cuttin' Doubles! packages from The Du-Rites' page.

The Du-Rites, for those who may be terribly unaware, are Pablo Martin and rapper-producer turned Funk drummer-for-hire Jay "J-Zone" Mumford. Martin currently plays guitar in Talking Heads off-shoot Tom Tom Club and has mastered nearly every J-Zone release since 2000's A BOTTLE OF WHUP A** THE EP; in addition to The Du-Rites, J-Zone & Pablo Martin have played together on recordings by PABLO and Lulu Lewis, fronted by Martin's wife Dylan Hundley. "The Du-Rites is a Funk duo comprised of me on drums, organ, turntables, etc. and Pablo Martin on bass, guitar, Fender Rhodes, etc. Sophomore album, Greasy Listening out this Fall. Debut album out now. Shout to legendary/great drummer Leslie Ming for showing me how to play that drum groove on the B-side. Respect the originators," J-Zone wrote within a recent Instagram post, detailing the process behind "Bocho's Groove." As early as March 2017, Jay Mumford uploaded a list of "Confirmed Musical Endeavors for 2017, So Far," which includes The Du-Rites' just-released "Bite It" 7-inch and THE ZONE IDENTITY's "Funk​-​I​-​Tus" 7-inch released on Fraternity Music Group this past May. Also on J-Zone's running 2017 release schedule are an array of 7-inches and full-lengths from SUPERBLACK with Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins, revived obscure mid-70's Instrumental Funk group Manzel, a second The Du-Rites 7-inch tentatively planned for August, and their sophomore album Greasy Listening not too far behind in September.

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