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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hammered Satin Let Loose Glittery Music Videos for "Upwards Spiral" B/W "Lavender Lightning Lady" 7-inch (Rad Cat/Burger Records)

"'Upwards Spiral" is a mind-power motivational song to encourage people to believe more in themselves using thought vibrations to raise emotions into a state of bliss; [while] "Lavender Lighting Lady" is a female goddess super-hero fantasy song about a woman with the super-powered ability to shoot lavender-colored lighting bolts from her fingertips! In the video, I wear a "LAVENDER MENACE" T-shirt as a shout-out to Women's [Liberation] and female empowerment, in general," Hammered Satin frontman Noah Wallace explained within a recent email. Hammered Satin make a genuinely unique brand of 1960-70's-evoking Rock "N" Roll they like fittingly to describe as, "GLITTER-ROCK" (Glammy, Crunchy, Punchy, Hooky Glitter Rock "N" Roll) that I would personally, go as far to liken to a stylistic mix between 80's Hair Metal forefathers Mötley Crüe and Cinderella, Iggy & The Stooges, Rob Reiner-formed Heavy Metal mock-umentary act Spın̈al Tap, and fellow Glam Rock revivalists The Darkness. Hammered Satin readily attribute T. REX, THE SWEET, PANTHERMAN, THIN LIZZY, MOTT THE HOOPLE, SLADE, SILVERHEAD, HELLO, JOOK, MILK 'N' COOKIES, NEW YORK DOLLS, ALICE COOPER, DEEP PURPLE, THE RAMONES, CHICORY TIP, CATAPULT, LEMMING... as their greatest sources of influence.

Hammered Satin was formed in Los Angeles around 2011 by frontman Noah Wallace along with guitar player Conor Behrle and bassist Dan Sandvick and much like Spın̈al Tap, often features a rotating cast of touring drummers: fellow Los Angelean Mike G, East Coast drummer Ray Peters, and Keli Egizi, as well as a number of skinsmen who may or may not have succumbed to "spontaneous self-combustion." Hammered Satin put out an 8-track self-titled cassette on Burger Records in 2012, followed by their Glamorama full-length on Diamond Fist/Burger Records in 2013, and most recently, a few 7-inches on Lolipop/Rad Cat/Burger Records released between 2015-17: "Reptilian/Good Little Girl," "Strawberries N' Cream/UFO," and "Upwards Spiral/Lavender Lightning Lady" just last week, Friday, May 5th. Not entirely unlike their previous 2015-17 7-inch singles, Hammered Satin have made music videos for both the A and B-sides of their latest "Upwards Spiral/Lavender Lightning Lady" 7-inch single pressed up by Rad Cat & Burger Records.

Hammered Satin's "Upwards Spiral" 45 was recently described as "A JUNKSHOP GLAM STOMPER INSPIRED BY THE SWEET AND CHICORY TIP..." within a 1970's-evoking Rad Cat & Burger Records flyer and its companion Ant Boyd-directed music video has a pretty straight-forward concept; Hammered Satin rippin' through "Upwards Spiral" in what appears to be some sort of industrial warehouse or bodyshop alongside a shiny black muscle car decked out in their finest glitter-encrusted jackets, patent leather pants, scarves, polka dots, striped shirts, etc. surrounded by a few lighting rigs and a bunch of dingy black-and-white posters. "LAVENDDDDEEER LIGHTNIN' LAAAA-DDDY," Noah Wallace wails a mere three seconds into Hammered Satin's Yahoo! Music-premiered "Lavender Lightning Lady" music video. Director Logan Feser cast actress and costume designer Elizabeth Boyd as the song's titular caped heroine, who seems to have electrified super-powers similar to that of Spider-Man villain Electro (played by Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.) Lavender Lightning Lady and her bedazzled sidekicks dance around in quite a "shocking" manner, as Hammered Satin effortlessly rip their way through her theme song. Hammered Satin's latest Bubblegum-Glam 45, "Upwards Spiral/Lavender Lightning Lady" is currently available for purchase on 7-inch wax from Burger & Rad Cat Records, as well as digitally.

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