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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cell:Adore Re-releases For Her Cassette Tape In Limited Edition of 40 with Vinyl-cut Stickers & Revised J-card Artwork (Behind The Veil)

Drew Carpenter is a producer and beat-maker hailing from Bailiwick of Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK. Carpenter has been making music since about 2010; first, anonymously "just for fun," then, Deep Dubstep as Gastly around 2013, next, making more EDM-leaning music as Somber in 2015, and most recently, as Cell:Adore since October 2016. Cell:Adore now crafts his own unique brand of Instrumental Hip-Hop and Experimental Electronic music, but has previously released atmospheric EDM, Deep Dubstep, and a variety of Electronic-leaning music, as well as founding a Deep Dubstep blog called After Dark Music with his good friend Acomply, which has now grown into a fully functioning record label. Cell:Adore/Somber/Gastly has released music on a number of labels including Indonesia-based Tandem Tapes, now-obscure and mysteriously vanished Eight-Sixed Tapes, and Drew Carpenter's own imprint, Behind The Veil. Since being founded in 2017, the Guernsey-based imprint has self-released a FREE EP DOWNLOAD titled Laced Love, For Her (BTV001,) and "A Fools Wish." However, For Her alone has, thus far, been released THREE separate times in varying formats: 05.19.2017 on cassette - via Eighty-Sixed Tapes, 09.29.2017 on digital platforms - via Eighty-Sixed Tapes, and most recently, 06.15.2018 on cassette (again) - via Behind The Veil.

Although, this latest re-release of Cell:Adore's For Her has the unique distinction of revised artwork added to the cassette J-card—including back panel and alternate inner art—and a clear case to distinguish it from the initial Eighty-Sixed Tapes (86T001) version. Limited to just 40 copies, Behind The Veil's For Her re-release comes with vinyl-cut stickers featuring both "Anna" AKA Anna Karina... Cell:Adore's pseudo-mascot and "Behind The Veil Logo." For Her is a very relaxing, atmospheric listen which almost transports you to a different place. It's of a similar breed to Clams Casino's Instrumentals 1-4 mixtapes with sonic allusions to Joy Division, Swedish Dream-Poppers JJ, oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls, SALEM, and grainy old black-and-white films, as well as "miserable ambient landscapes," as Cell:Adore fittingly puts it. Behind The Veil's For Her cassette re-issue is currently still available to purchase from Cell:Adore's Bandcamp page, although, it's limited to to a one-time pressing of 40 x tapes, so make sure to get one, while you still can. Cell:Adore is currently working on assembling Vixen (BTV002) which can presently be previewed on Soundcloud, and is set to be released later this year... hopefully!

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