Thursday, June 21, 2018

Vermont Producer & Artist Keenan Kilgore Joins Forces with we are the karma kids for Keenan & Karma Remix Album Ahead of SEPTEMBER

Keenan Kilgore AKA KK AKA Daniel K. Felicetti FKA Digitalfel & FEL is a Vermont-based producer, artist, and creator. For over a decade, Daniel Felicetti has been consistently recording and putting out instrumental and collaborative Hip-Hop and Electronic music under a number of aliases at quite a rapid rate; this including, but not limited to, Digitalfel, FEL, ham american, Cord5, DigitalDankin with producer/rapper Dominic Primus, Keenan Kilgore, and JWLS VRNE & Different Trucks with frequent collaborator Gruff Lion. Daniel Felicetti also, runs a few websites to host his music, production work, and visual art: first, DigitalFel - the "digital" representation of "fel" AKA his music site, next, MAN-GOES CO. - essentially, an "all-around portfolio" of various projects Felicetti and his wife have produced/curated together, and finally, TONERELATIONS - a new platform, still in development, to showcase new projects with physical copies. OR best described by Daniel Felicetti himself as: "[DigitalFel] DANIEL K. FELICETTI AKA KEENAN KILGORE IS A PRODUCER / ARTIST AND CREATOR," "MAN-GOES CO. is an inter-disciplinary design house founded in 2009," and "TONERELATIONS. Micro-productions - showcasing new music & art. { 2 0 1 8 }." I strongly recommend checking out all three of Daniel K. Felicetti's artist sites, at your earliest convenience, as there's a plethora of information and mixed media to delve into! For an even wider scope into Keenan Kilgore's musical and artistic world, feel free to Follow him on Instagram (@dk_felicetti) Twitter (|{|{ @KeenanKilgore) and YouTube (simply, Keenan Kilgore!)

Daniel K. Felicetti's latest project as Keenan Kilgore, orchestrated and released in collaboration with Lt Headtrip's New York-based we are the karma kids and aptly-titled Keenan & Karma—an obvious reference to Nickelodeon's wildly-popular late 90's sitcom Kenan & Kel—was released this past Tuesday, June 19th on karma kids' Bandcamp page. Simply put, "Keenan Kilgore delivers a fresh twist on karma kids classics, matching the group's high-energy performance with pulsing, sample-based production." Keenan & Karma features 8 tracks and 1 "hidden" BONUS TRACK from karma kids' finest emcees, including: Duncecap, Gruff Lion, Lt Headtrip, OLD SELF, GooGiE, MC Eleven, and BALD AFRO. Not entirely unlike COLORi (2016) and honestly, the majority of Keenan Kilgore's work, Keenan & Karma features a slew of multi-layered samples meticulously chopped, edited, re-used, and arranged in a way in which they're almost completely unrecognizable! Next up is Keenan Kilgore's SEPTEMBER, to be self-released next Friday, June 29th; an album "that reinforces the scope and possibilities within the construct." It's an Instrumental Hip-Hop album full of complex, head-spinning beats intertwined with bits of narrative and creative song structuring. "SEPTEMBER came about from a culmination of life's struggles, triumphs, oddities and observations. It is not your average beat tape," boasts a recent press release. "SEPTEMBER sets the soundscape for you to swim through the summer and beyond. It is a collection of global jams for your to carry with you, along your journey, as you explore and get lost, only to find your way again."

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