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Monday, June 4, 2018

World Around Records Affiliate Elder Orange Shares Genre-eschewing Solo Debut All My Friends Believe In Ghosts (SOUL PRISM MUSIC)

Elder Orange is the recording alias of Vermont-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and "all around nice guy" Matt Scott (@MatthewLScott.) For years, Scott had a long-standing working relationship with international collective/Indie Hip-Hop label World Around Records, until the imprint's demise in 2016. World Around issued a number of collaborative releases featuring Elder Orange alongside Dr. Quandary and Louis Mackey, as well as tracks appearing on We Are World Around, Vol. 5-6. Matt Scott splits his time between Elder Orange and North East Kingdom Soul/R&B/Jazz/Funk/Rock quartet The NEKTones, in which he provides gtr. vox. AKA guitar and vocals. While Scott has released and participated in countless projects, he just liberated his proper debut album, All My Friends Believe In Ghosts (AMFBIG,) this past Friday, June 1st, which was also, his father's 64th birthday and Scott's first day on leave from his job of eight years to pursue music full time. Almost instantly referred to by Dr. Quandary (@quandary) as "a really beautiful & singular piece of work," All My Friends Believe In Ghosts is now available as either a 12-track album or one continuous 31-minute single-track mix. I've honestly, only listened to "All My Friends Believe In Ghosts" (Continuous Mix) and it's really a flawless, genre-less mood-evoking listen!

Elder Orange plays electric and acoustic guitars, fretted and fretless bass, Casiotone, Minilogue, Fender Rhodes, AKAI Timbre Wolf, AKAI Rhythm Wolf, UVI Soft Synths, congas, percussion, drum kit, and drum programming, as well as vocal clicks, ah's, and whistles throughout All My Friends Believe In Ghosts; while Louis Mackey provided additional drum programming on "Metaphysic Syncretism," Adam Turner played acoustic drums and percussion throughout, Heather Sommerlad contributed violin on "With One Finger," Alex Wolston plays trumpet on "With One Finger," and Dr. Quandary provided drum programming on "With One Finger." Recommended listening scenarios for All My Friends Believe In Ghosts, courtesy of Matt Scott himself: "AMFBIG was written pretty specifically for pairing with car rides, freestyle sessions, headphone listening, and hanging out with your closest people. If you find another scenario, where the sound *works* for you, let me know; I'd love to try it out!" All My Friends Believe In Ghosts is now available to purchase or stream on Bandcamp, as well as Spotify, in either 12-track or "All My Friends Believe In Ghosts" (Continuous Mix) formats. Elder Orange has stated, any more made during the sale of this project will go towards CD/tape/vinyl duplication and new gear for NEW SOUNDS on his next record. Scott also adds: "if you're into features and collaborations—let's dance!" I, personally, wouldn't mind hearing a remixed, re-worked, and tastefully re-envisioned version of Elder Orange's All My Friends Believe In Ghosts!

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