Friday, June 15, 2018

ON TILT's QM, Luke Sick, VRSE Murphy & Richie Cunning Unveil "All Liquored Up" Video Just In Time for The Weekend (Megakut Records)

ON TILT is a Bay Area-based Hip-Hop crew consisting of emcees QM (@QMRecLeague) & Luke Sick (@megakutrecords) and VRSE Murphy (@vrsemurphy) on beats and production work with Richie Cunning (@RichieCunning) supplying additional production and musical arrangements. I had heard of ON TILT over the last year or so, but hadn't really delved into their music FULL-TILT, until Damien Miller from I Had An Accident Records (IHAA) suggested I check out their recently-released second album, Drink Floyd. Honestly, I'm glad he did because ON TILT's Drink Floyd is one Hell of a listen; stylistically, Drink Floyd falls somewhere in-between the Beastie Boys' raucous 1986 Frat-Rap debut Licensed to Ill and their sample-laden magnum opus/follow-up, Paul's Boutique (1989) with a dash of Mickey Avalon's sleazy 2006 self-titled debut, as well as Action Bronson's foul-mouthed grown man/child-like sense of wonder. Drink Floyd is the follow-up to ON TILT's self-titled 2016 debut and as QM perfectly put it, via email: "Drink Floyd is the album that will talk you into completely blowing it and becoming a legend simultaneously, so crack a beer and get ON TILT!"

I won't get into specifics, but VRSE Murphy, Richie Cunning & QM really flip some crazy-a$$ samples throughout Drink Floyd, including, but not limited to Madonna's "Holiday," Ol' Dirty Bastard, Eric B. & Rakim, and that "g-g-get busy, y'all" sample I know I should know, but can't place, for some reason. Not only does ON TILT's Drink Floyd feature 11 fun-loving Bay Area Hip-Hop tracks peppered with appearances from DJ RECSPIN & DJ DEFIE, it also, showcases 6 ON TILT remixes constructed by G PEK, Grip Grand, Supa Dave 405, LONE, DJ EONS ONE, and Brycon of The Watershed. Just yesterday afternoon, ON TILT let loose a music video for Drink Floyd's first proper single, "All Liquored Up" Shot/Directed & Edited By: Dannie Holzer for MYND MYLK Productions. "All Liquored Up" features Luke Sick & QM trading bars back-and-forth Beasties-style, while driving around to various dimly-lit parking garages, bar/pool halls, liquor stores, and San Francisco's finest hot spots. ON TILT's Drink Floyd is currently available to purchase on either limited edition translucent "purple" tapes (100) + digital album or super-limited edition CD (20!) from QM/ON TILT's Bandcamp page or from MEGAKUT RECORDS' online store or Luke Sick directly, via PayPal to

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