Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble & Rebecca Jade & The Cold Fact Drummer Jake Najor Releases D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS 7-inch (Common Good Records)

Jake Najor is a world-renown drummer and frontman of newly-formed group, Jake Najor & The Moment of Truth. The GRAMMY-nominated drummer has played breaks for and performed alongside the likes of Redman, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, M.O.P. Percee P, The Beatnuts, SOUP (Jurassic 5) Raphael Saadiq, Jason Mraz, TV On The Radio, Joss Stone, Eamon with Connie Price & The Keystones, Kelis, Aloe Blacc, Kurtis Blow, Rebecca Jade & The Cold Fact, and Empire of The Sun. Jake Najor & The Moment of Truth was very recently established in San Diego, California and showcases the talents of Nick Costa on guitar, Tim Felton on keys, Matt Labarber on bass, and of course, frontman Jake Najor behind the drum kit. Jake Najor (@thenaj) & The Moment of Truth (@momentoftruthsd) are currently preparing their full-length debut, IN THE CUT, for a tentative release on The Redwoods Music this upcoming Fall. However, for the time being, Najor is channeling his creative energies into his first proper "solo" release; D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS (read: "DIRTY MONEY BREAKS") is now available for pre-order on Los Angeles-based Common Good Records ahead of it's July 6, 2018 wide release.

D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS is still available in a number of formats, including One x 7" Vinyl, Two x 7" Vinyl, and Digital Album all packaged with: 1.) digital, unedited streams of 8 royalty-free drum breaks, PLUS 8 additional unreleased drum breaks (16 breaks total!) and 2.) exclusive "PRODUCER DRUM KIT" with 100+ .WAV-formatted drums; "a full drum kit right out of the box!" Common Good Records simply describes D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS as being formatted "for the beat-makers, break collectors, crate diggers, and DJ's - a drum break 7" record from Sure Fire Soul Ensemble drummer Jake Najor..." D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS was recorded by Moment of Truth keyboardist Tim Felton at The Kitchen II Studio and was mastered by Markie B. for Better Beat Bureau with all drums played by Jake "The Naj" Najor. D$RTY M$NEY BREAKS is currently available for pre-order from Common Good Records in either single or "doubles" 7-inch sets with ALL pre-orders including a limited edition "money green"-tinted insert cover. There's currently a 1-minute "Dirty Money Breaks" (sampler mix) streaming on Common Good's Bandcamp page ahead of the record's Friday, July 6th digital/wide release with physical orders shipping out on or around July 5, 2018. For those interested, there's a comprehensive interview/profile fittingly titled "Jake Najor is the truth" penned by Seth Combs, which originally ran within The San Diego City Beat's March 2018 issue.

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