Sunday, June 10, 2018

Long-time Collaborators Tenshun & Bonzo Speechless Join Forces for 40-minute ODIOUS Split Cassette (I Had An Accident Records)

I Had An Accident Records (IHAA) is a Spokane-based tape label we've grown particularly fond of in recent months, if you haven't yet already noticed. IHAA is owned and operated by one Damien Miller (@damienbtc74) - yes, that's in fact, the same "Damien" from Luke Sick & Damien's phenomenal, yet incredibly too short EP, Strike The Clutch. First recommended to me by John "Jumbled" Bachman, I unfortunately, wasn't able to score one of Luke Sick & Damien's extremely limited edition tapes, but Strike The Clutch was highlighted within The Witzard's Rap EP Wrap-up this past March. Damien was actually, gifted the label from former I Had An Accident owner and founder Justin Bieler with his first "official" IHAA release being Mathias Kruse x Brenky's Eustress / Wormhole from May 2016. I Had An Accident has released tapes and digital albums featuring the likes of Noise/Hip-Hop's finest beat-makers, emcees, and artists such as Bloodmoney Perez & Morbidly-O-Beats, ceschi, Curly Castro, Guilty Simpson, Heltah Skeltah's Rock, Walter Gross, Willie Green, Uncommon Nasa, and Zilla Rocca. Just in the past few months, The Witzard has featured—or I've personally purchased—Luke Sick & Damien's Strike The Clutch EP, Bonzo Speechless & Damien's Aberration, EQUIPTO & Brycon Present: The Watershed, and most recently, Rabbi Max's TRANSATLANTIC. Now, that everyone's all caught up to speed... I Had An Accident Records' latest release is a split album/cassette tape from California beat-maker Tenshun/10shun and Ukrainian Noise-maker Bonzo Speechless entitled Odious.

Self-described as "both providing dark landscapes and nightmares," Odious is fittingly tagged on Bandcamp as avant garde, breakbeats, diy, experimental, noise, musique concrete, beats, chillwave, drums, and hip hop. However, Odious isn't exactly the first time Tenshun & Bonzo Speechless have worked together, they've had a collaborative working relationship since about 2014; their past releases together include Dead Resonance, No More Room In Hell, What Is Evil? Death Ritual 424, Lunatic Verses, Split Mutilation, Possession, Paroniria, Ataraxy, and of course, now Odious. Both Tenshun & Bonzo Speechless have also, issued collaborative releases with Damien Miller, as well including 10shun & Damien's Split Brain, Tenshun & Damien's DEcADe, and Bonzo Speechless & Damien's aforementioned Aberration. Odious features 20 minutes-worth of heavy drums and Noise composed by both Bonzo Speechless & Tenshun "to take your mind into murder mode" with Tenshun providing "Rott Gut" for Side A and Bonzo filling out Side B with "Odious Mix." Not unlike most of I Had An Accident's releases, Odious is super-limited and only 25 cassettes were hand-dubbed with 7 copies still remaining on Tenshun/10shun's Bandcamp page and just 5 still available from on IHAA's Bandcamp page, at the time of this article's publishing. A "little birdy" told me this past weekend that Tenshun & Bonzo are already hard at work on their Odious follow-up split!

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