Thursday, March 19, 2020

Members of Adrenaline, HANGMAN, Rain of Salvation, SeeYouSpaceCowboy & TYPECASTE Re-emerge As KOYO (The Coming Strife Records)

KOYO 2020 Promo - CREDIT: Tyler Andrew

KOYO is a new Long Island Hardcore (LIHC) band hailing from Suffolk County. KOYO—which appears to mean "come here" in Japanese—consists of Sal Argennto, Joey Chiaramonte, Harold Griffin, Mike "Marazzo" Marazzo, TJ Rotolico, and 21-year-old pro wrestler Stephen "Steve" Spanos. Collectively, five of KOYO's six members have spent time playing with Adrenaline, HANGMAN, Rain of Salvation, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Soul Provider, and TYPECASTE in recent years; arguably, some of the most frantic, guttural, ear drum-shattering Punk/Hardcore bands active in the scene today. KOYO make a very specific brand of early 2000's Emo/Melodic Hardcore that harkens back to, according to Chiaramonte, Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, Silent Majority, Glassjaw, Crime In Stereo, Brand New, and Capital. Exclaim! compares KOYO's sound to Title Fight & Lifetime and I would even go as far as to list Vinnie Caruana's new band, Constant Elevation with Sammy Siegler, as well. This past weekend, KOYO quietly released their debut EP, a 5-song collection entitled Painting Words Into Lines.

Frontman Joey Chiaramonte recently told Exclaim! "Painting Words Into Lines is our love letter to Long Island music that shaped our entire lives. We all grew up on bands from Long Island that have deep-seated roots in Hardcore. We want to continue that tradition, as best we can. This is real music about real experiences and we hope it's as cathartic for listeners as it was for us to bring it all together." KOYO have without a doubt been making their rounds through the press circuit recently, with Chiaramonte speaking to Exclaim! and Resonating with extensive features on Brooklyn Vegan and Stereogum, as well. "Koyo is the Japanese phenomenon of the leaves changing in autumn," Joey Chiaramonte told Resonating interviewer Angie. "Changing seasons, the colors, the nostalgia, its ideas and feelings that just naturally tie into the band artistically... at a grandiose conceptual level, at least," he continued. KOYO EP cassettes were previously available to purchase from London-based Hardcore imprint The Coming Strife Records, but once all this recent buzz started, sold out within one night.

However, The Coming Strife Records (@thecomingstrife) recently posted this on Instagram: "Very pleased to announce a 7" release for Koyo's "Painting Words Into Lines," pre-orders coming at the end of the month (6PM on [March] 27th.) And yes, that Tell All Your Friends cover will be making a return..." Hell yes, you read that correctly, there is, in fact, a Painting Words Into Lines alt. cover that pays direct homage/tribute to Taking Back Sunday's genre-shaping Tell All Your Friends cover image. KOYO's Instagram page recently announced a string of shows scheduled to take place on March 22nd at Amityville Music Hall (New York) with Webbed Wing, Worn & Yesduke and one March 27th at Shakers Pub (location unknown) with Rain of Salvation, Vantage Point, Out The Front & Soul Power... but with the ongoing world-wide Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic, who knows, if those will, actually, still take place. KOYO's extremely nostalgic Painting Words Into Lines EP is now available on your digital streaming service of choice.

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