Friday, June 12, 2020

PURE HEEL Frontman Doughy Ramone's Top 5 Favorite Hardcore/Attitude Era Wrestling Matches from Childhood (Irish Voodoo Records)

"At a combined weight of 845.6 lbs, The No-Gimmick Hardcore Champions hailing from Buffalo, NY... PURE HEEL!!!" First formed in 2016, PURE HEEL play their own unique take on wrestling-influenced Hardcore/Punk. They're currently signed to Irish Voodoo Records and feature ex-members of Buried Alive, Despair, Kid Gorgeous, and Slugfest. PURE HEEL's current line-up includes frontman Eric "Doughy Ramone" Borawski, guitarists Jay "Captain Annoying" Galvin & Jesse "The Claw" Muscato, a bassist known only as The Mangler, and drummer Rob "The Boy" Ohlenschlager. PURE HEEL readily cite Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, and Youth of Today as major sources of inspiration and influence; in fact, PURE HEEL recently covered "Damaged I" on a 5-way split/tribute comp. to one-time Black Flag frontman Dez Cadena entitled Damaged By Dez. We've recently been communicating with PURE HEEL frontman Eric Borawski AKA Doughy Ramone. Sweaty Vedder, Thick Neilsen, Bad Borawski & BFLO ERIC about all things Punk, Hardcore, and, of course, wrestling. Bad Borawski was kind enough to put together a list of his Top 5 Favorite Wrestling Matches from his childhood growing up in the Hardcore/Attitude Era. PURE HEEL's latest EP, a limited edition self-titled square-shaped lathe-cut flexi-disc 7-inch vinyl as part of Irish Voodoo Records' Flexi Series. They're limited to 50 copies, 25 Clear & 25 Solid White, and each purchase comes complete with with a PURE HEEL fanzine and a Doughy Ramone-designed 11×17" poster. Additionally, PURE HEEL is planning to release a proper 7-inch EP on Irish Voodoo Records later this year. PURE HEEL's self-titled flexi-disc lathe-cut 7-inch is now available for pre-order from Irish Voodoo Records with orders to ship out within 6-7 weeks or longer due to COVID-19. Its two singles, "Solitary" & "King of Nothing," are currently available digitally on Bandcamp, as well.

MATCH 1 - King of The Ring/Hell In A Cell Match: Undertaker vs. Mankind (1998)

"It doesn't get much better than this slobber knocker of a match. I won't even spoil it..."

MATCH 2 - Wrestlemania 13: Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart (1997)

"I was always a mark for blood. This match ain't for the faint of heart. Literally. I think Stone Cold is still out cold. But, I can promise you, this Jabroni, The Texas Rattle Snake never tapped!"

MATCH 3 - Wrestlemania 17 TLC: Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz (2001)

"The Spear Heard 'round The World. Followed by a school cafeterias-worth of tables smashed. No one was ever destined to walk out of this alive. Thanks to some skillful help from one of my favorites (Rhyno) Edge & Christian crawl out of Wrestlemania the new tag team champs, bay-bay!"

MATCH 4 - Judgement Day: JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero (2004)

"Who doesn't love a good JBL heel move? Well, remember how I said I was a mark for blood? Eddie took one of the hardest hitting chair shots to the head that still rings in my ears to this day, only to emerge with full crimson mask. It was ugly, I've heard this was a botched blade job and I can believe that. Match was good, the blade job was better. R.I.P. Latino Heat."

MATCH 5 - ECW Living Dangerously: Tazz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (1998)

"I know the first four matches are WWE-based, but don't get it twisted, I was a total ECW mark; at that time, I'd catch it late after my parents slept and [would] sneak it on TV. Although, I wasn't old enough to catch the infamous mid-90's shows in Buffalo, I've gone back and done my research. Sabu, Sandman, Candido, Rhyno, Raven, Dreamer, the list goes on-and-on-and-on... how can you not be obsessed? Hardcore heaven. I could have picked a number of matches. but I chose The Beast from The East, Bam Bam vs. Tazz. As a kid, I marked for both hard. Bam's tattoos and Tazz's attitude are everything a snotty 9-year-old could look up to. Although, this match isn't, technically, "advanced" or "gory." It is Hardcore and the ending is, well, all I can say is ECW! ECW! ECW! R.I.P. Bam Bam."

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