Monday, December 12, 2011

BADBADNOTGOOD Original Composition: "Rotten Decay" (Jazz Meets Hip-Hop 45)

Matt Tavares, Chester Hansen, and Alex Sowinski are 3 no-holds-barred rhythmic Jazzcats more commonly know as "BADBADNOTGOOD." Undoubtedly knowledgeable beyond their [lack of] years, studio footage of the young Canadian musicians covering a few Odd Future standards soon emerged (Summer 2011). Hot off the press, they were originally known as "The Odd Trio" and exclusively re-tooled Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future-related tracks; BADBADNOTGOOD's simplistic blend of keys/guitar-bass-drums works surprisingly well when re-interpreting Tyler's often airy, Jazz-esque compositions. If Tyler, The Creator has any sense whatsoever, he'll employ the BBNG boys to lay down some sophisticated riffs for his upcoming "progressive" album, Wolf (2012).

BADBADNOTGOOD's latest release is the aptly-titled BBNGSINGLE - The first sampling from BBNG2 (mixtape). To the best of my knowledge, "Rotten Decay" is the group's premier original composition... slated to appear on an upcoming 7" single with a cover of Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard In Da Paint" on Side B. "Paint" is without a doubt one of BBNG's most storied recordings; A song which was previously tracked and released on both BADBADNOTGOOD EP and BBNGLIVE1. In the meantime, surf on over to Bandcamp to pick up a wide assortment of Jazz-Hop tracks... This including: Tribe, Madvillain, Slum Village, Gang Starr, Nas/Ol' Dirty, Flying Lotus, Gucci Mane Bangladesh, and King Geedorah (DOOM).

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