Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Buried Life Re-create Rihanna & Calvin Harris - "We Found Love" (Holiday Music Video)

When Matthew Arnold penned "The Buried Life" (98-line poem) way back in 1852, I'm sure he never imagined that his compiled works words would still be inspiring young people some 160 years later, in 2012. The present-day incarnation of "The Buried Life" is made up of 4 Canadian-bred friends [brothers]: Ben, Jonnie, Duncan & Dave. Armed with nothing more than a rudimentary cam-corder, a purple bus named "Penelope," and a grandiose vision - The guys set forth on a mission to help the hard-working people of the nation.

The crux of Ben, Jonnie, Duncan & Dave's companion MTV series, which originally ran for the length of two 2010 seasons... was to assemble a lengthy bucketlist of "100 things to do before you die." This would, of course, warrant the assistance of many good-hearted, helpful people along the way. For every item crossed off "The Buried Life" crew's list, they promised to assist a newly-befriended stranger in achieving one of their very own dreams. Taylor Swift and Obama even managed to get get roped up in the pay-it-forward action.
While the bulk of their bucketlist was completed before MTV hastily cancelled the series after just 18 episodes (2011)... a "new & improved" version of "The Buried Life" is currently being fleshed out and filmed. Nearly 6 years-deep into their do-gooder mission, "The Buried Life" has [now] morphed into some sort of larger-than-life grassroots initiative. Fans should expect the new series to include multi-platformed, inter-active content; All kicked up quite a few notches! Until the show's imminent return, check out Dave & Duncan's irony-filled riff on Rihanna's recent fun-loving single, "We Found Love."

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