Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teddy Big Oak's Hitlist: KREAYSHAWN & The Million Dollar Ba$hers - "Gucci Gucci" (2011 Rap-Up)

Young KREAYSHAWN sure did have one sudden, albeit triumphant rise to fame this past calendar year; Her debut single, "Gucci Gucci" amassed some 3 million YouTube hits in it's first 3 weeks, which imminently resulted in the signing of a coveted $1 million deal with Columbia Records (June). That's the thing - I can tell that KREAYSHAWN has this completely RAW, un-tapped natural talent(s): Film, music, video editing, graphic design, pixel art. KREAYSHAWN was born and raised in The Bay Area to a single, Punk Rock-loving mother. Although she dropped out of Berkley film school, KREAYSHAWN has since shot and edited music videos for a wide range of Popular artists including: Lil B BASEDGOD, Soulja Boy, A.P.B. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stalker, Dread, D.B. The General... and even starred in The Memorials - "We Go to War" (music video).

Essentially, she has yet to prove much of anything @ all, but I can tell that KREAYSHAWN has a lot of drive. So, her eventual career could include many great successes or one tremendous "EPIC Fail." With that said, the fan base/media attention that KREAYSHAWN has managed to garner with such little musical output in a short time-span is highly impressive! Aside from 2 pre-"Gucci Gucci" mixtapes: Kittys X Choppas & KREAYSHAWN x The Bay (2010-11), KREAYSHAWN has only released 1 original track, a few official remixes, and a featured rap or 2.

Rolling Stone reports that her debut album, which may or may not be titled "Life with Loopy" is currently on track for an early 2012 release. Working alongside producers Jean Baptiste, Boys Noize, and DJ Two Stacks... KREAYSHAWN has managed to craft a very diverse album built upon various genres, "from Brazilian-type music to Indian freestyle to Techno-type music." KREAYSHAWN has reportedly worked with fellow rappers including: Theophilus London, Snoop Dogg, The Madden Brothers, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, and highly controversial White Girl Mob rapress, V-Nasty.

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