Friday, December 23, 2011

MRRY XMS | eve of destruction: jj - "vi" (a$ap rocky)

jj is an up-and-coming Hip-Hop tinged Swedish Pop group, consisting of Elin & Joakim. Already 2 full-length albums deep into their fledging career... It seems as though jj have started an annual tradition of releasing Grade A non-album content every Christmas. Last year, it was "kills" (mixtape) and this time, it's a double present: "eve of destruction-vi." Nearly a year later, "kills" is still available for download. The highly-recommended set includes dark Dream Pop re-interpretations of Dr. Dre, Taio Cruz, M.I.A. Jay-Z, Dirty Money, and Kanye-penned hits.

Originally released around Dec. 15-20th, "eve of destruction" seems to be a quasi-protest song; Made famous by Barry McGuire and written by P.F. Sloan (1965), jj have re-purposed the track for reasons yet unknown. Even though parts of the lyrics are somewhat incomprehensible and the bulk of online content is written in Swedish... You can sense the sheer passion and drive in Ellin's quivering voice, which is cleverly bookended by that instantly recognize-able, "Demonic" A$AP Rocky hook!
Now, "vi" was seemingly uploaded to Vimeo by user-director, Olivia Kastebring late last night everyone was sound alseep. Borderline 6:00 minute affair, "vi" is precursed by about 2 minutes-worth of [largely] silent film reel. The scenes showcase Elin & Joakim's new-found acting "chops," which are mildly reminiscent of The Knife's early video work, and the audio is littered with touches of Dubstep-Club music. Only time will tell... But I'd say it's safe to assume that an "infectious" track like "vi" will imminently appear on jj's upcoming mixtape/album offering. MRRY XMS, WRLD!

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