Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eric Clapton Interviewing Jimi Hendrix: "RAP SHOW" (Himanshu & Kendrick Lamar)

The good people over @ VICE recently asked Das Racist to host an interview show of "rappers interviewing rappers" for their new music channel, noisey. Himanshu & Kool A.D. will reportedly alternate weeks hosting "RAP SHOW;" Episode #1 was uploaded just this past Friday [The 13th] and features Heems sitting down with Compton's favourite rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Imagine if Eric Clapton interviewed Jimi Hendrix and they talked about... notepads, lucid dreams, black hippies, "The N word," Home Improvement, 80's babies, and essentially everything BUT music. Well, this is exactly like that. Pretty cool concept nonetheless. I just hope that Das Racist & Kendrick Lamar decide to record and release a track together! Future episode of RAP SHOW will feature Himanshu & Kool A.D. interviewing Wiley, Tyler The Creator, Bun B, Killer Mike, Mystikal, Gunplay, etc. Make sure to go pick up [download] copies of Relax, Nehru Jackets, and The Palm Wine Drinkard. Kendrick Lamar's major label debut for Aftermath & TDE, "Good Kid In a Mad City," is coming soon!

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