Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rooftop Concert, 2012: Diarrhea Planet - "Warm Ridin'" (Nashville House-Party)

Diarrhea Planet are exactly the kind of dudes I can get down with: hard-partying, guitar-drenched, Southern gentlemen with a Punk Rock edge! I must admit, I regularly talk with 3 of it's 6 Nashville-bred members through email, of course. Casey, Hodan & Evan C. Bird are really great dudes who really haven't let their recent wave of fame get to the heads and definitely appreciate their adoring fans. Since first hearing about their Infinity Cat debut, Loose Jewels over @ Prefix last October... I've worked "hands on" with Diarrhea Planet on a few assorted pieces for "The Witzard."

Fresh on the heels of their recent SXSW 2012 appearance(s), Casey & Hodan mentioned a few upcoming happenings through email: Diarrhea Planet are currently in the studio... writing and recording material for a new 7" single, flexidisc, Infinity Cat LP #2, and a Titus Andronicus split! While nothing really has a concrete release date just yet, all 4 of those forthcoming efforts should be issued by January 2013. Diarrhea Planet are also plotting dates for a nation-wide US Tour, roughly spanning May-August!

Anyways, I now present you with their latest music video: "Warm Ridin." It was liberated on April 16th, directed by GemsOnVHS, and partially filmed atop Anthony T.'s sun-drenched rooftop. I think it's safe to say that Diarrhea Planet threw a BITCHIN' party, grilled some burgers/dogs, lit a guitar on fire, and simply filmed the afternoon hi-jinx that ensued! Keep an eye out for live footage of their recent performance @ The Zombie Shop (Nashville), taped recently with The Ettes. Pick up a copy of Loose Jewels and stay tuned for some solid info on those upcoming Diarrhea Planet 2012-13 releases!

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