Friday, April 6, 2012

Stakes Is High: TOOTHPASTE - "1996" Mixtape (Kassa Overall Trailer #1)

1996 was quite the memorable for fans of both Hip-Hop and Pop Culture. Just ask the members of TOOTHPASTE, Kassa Overall & TECLA. The pair are currently readying a mixtape, aptly titled 1996; It's poised to be "AN ODE TO THE PAST AND AN ODE TO THE FUTURE" (Kassa Overall) and will feature raps/hoops over beats culled from various 1996-bred hits... featuring New York's finest up-and-comers: Big Baby Gandhi, DVS, Chaz Van Queen, Tavi, and K-Bob. TOOTHPASTE's upcoming mixtape will most likely be composed of beats culled from landmark Hip-Hop albums that were originally released back in 1996: OutKast, Aaliyah, 2pac, Jay-Z, The Roots, Tribe, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, Nas, and Lil Kim.

I really enjoyed Kassa Overall's latest commercial effort, Stargate. Skillfully apping over top of a size-able amount of current Pop Radio staples... a vein in which I figure 1996 will essentially mirror. From what I hear, TECLA is making some pretty note-worthy waves in the Indie Hip-Hop scene, herself. THANK$GIVING was quite arguably one of the bigger holiday-themed projects of 2011-12! While no official release date has been set for 1996 (mixtape), expect to hear that shit sooner than later!

"This album is going to be CLASSIC, believe me..."

- Kassa Overall


  1. Vintage '96 beats and some of my favorite rappers?? I can't wait for this to drop! In the meantime, let me go make room for this in my shoe box of classics.

  2. Hell yeah, should be good... bring it on, Kassa!
    Where are ya from, Lana? I'd be honored if you were to Follow [subscribe] to "The Witzard!"

    1. I hail from the Jersey shore.. currently in Jersey City; much closer to all the action.

  3. I'm from South Jersey... Bridgeton area ha. Small world!