Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sun-Drenched Eye Candy: Warriors of Radness - Bikini Contest (Jack Coleman)

Yo, compadres! Check it out: Here's a delectable little helping of "eye candy" just in time for Easter! Warriors of Radness present their vintage-looking footage of this year's Bikini Contest, held just a few months ago. Skillfully judged [and coarsed] by Rad Brad, the 3-minute clips is chock-full of plenty of catfights, beautiful cleavage, and sun-drenched debauchery. Just in time for the onslaught of Summertime, "The Warriors of Radness world is one of leisure and comfort" (Selectism). If you like what you see, surf on over to RESERVE STORE to pick up 1 of 2 limited edition T-shirts, based off stills pulled directly from "Bikini Contest." Enjoy, my friends! Be sure to have a happy & safe holiday along with your loved ones. God Bless America... and those da*n revealing bikini's!

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