Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where My Kitty Cats @?: Awkward Silence - "School Yard" FREESTYLE (Nasteski Productions)

Freestyling over a Nasteski Productions beat pulled from YouTube with just 54 views, Doffa & Hippie Paw properly lace up [and double knot] "School Yard." It's companion music video was self-directed by Awkward Silence around Millville with a hand-me-down SLR camera, borrowed tri-pod, and pink flickering HD effects. Concept-wise, "School Yard"'s loose plot revolves around a murderous Teddy Bear and a porcelain bride-to-be victim. Hippie Paw describes the overall experience as "BASED as fuck!" and adds that, "We POWER cooked in the woods, smoked trees & smokes hoes... basically, all I remember was Dr. Zaius [dog] sitting on my lap and then I got a boner." Zombie Gang are currently working on a wide variety of projects: Wreck Room's debut, Doffa's solo freestyles, an OF Tape 2-like group album, and an assortment of VERY RARE tracks from "the vaults." Scoop up Awkward Silence's premier mixtape, The Hair & The Hather over @ DatPiff. HATHER!

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