Monday, April 30, 2012

James Petralli Re-covers Tascam Portastudio: "Fun Friday" (White Denim Facebook)

Seems as though White Denim's primary singer-songwriter, James Petralli decided to partake in one of Middle America's most cherished pastimes over the weekend: "Spring Cleaning." Like all too many of us, Petralli was rooting through his Austin, TX garage and quickly dug up a lost treasure... Tascam Portastudio fully in toe, Petralli then took to Facebook, asking White Denim's trusty fans to submit classic songs that they'd like to hear covered. By late Friday evening, James Petralli re-emerged complete with a 6-track zipfile, Fun Friday: Elvis Costello, Ween, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, King Crimson, and White Stripes' "WEAReGOinGTObefriENDs" (2002). Arguably a tad bit more laidback than White Denim's usual rapid-paced, Jazz-Fusion output, Fun Friday was recorded straight to Petralli's handy Tascam Portastudio over roughly 5-6 hours... further topped with a few Austin Jenkins-crafted guitar riffs. It should also be of particular note that a few of the more interesting [rejected] fan-submitted requests included the likes of Creedence, Tom Tom Club, James Brown, The Cramps, Phil Collins, and Fugazi. White Denim's 2 latest releases, "D" [full-length] and Takes Place In Your Workspace EP are now available for your listening pleasure (Downtown Records).

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