Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Salt-N-Pepa Present?: Death Grips - "I've Seen Footage" (She's So Heavy)

"I've Seen Footage" is the latest per-release track from Epic Record's upcoming album, The Money Store (April 24th). Looks like Death Grips' new label has let them unveil 5-6 of the album's 13 tracks ahead of it's release date... viral promotion. I'm pretty sure that "I've Seen Footage" samples and re-purposes size-able chunk of Salt-N-Pepa's hit single, "Push It" (1987). Lyrically, it's just as aggressive as the next Death Grips track, but "I've Seen Footage" is probably their most commercially viable track yet... as "mainstream" as Hardcore Hip-Hip about handling shit "with a lead pipe" and seeing some kid's "head blow off his shoulders in slo mo."

5 tracks from The Money Store are currently available for download over @ Death Grips' website, Third Worlds. "I've Seen Footage"'s companion music video is rumored to be released this upcoming was released on Friday The 13th, pain-stakingly edited by Flat-lander, and uploaded online by NercoreYella. The Money Store is now available online for pre-order in a variety of formats and is supposed to see an early [limited] release on Record Store Day (April 21st). I know that I'm buying a few tickets to see Death Grips @ The Barbary, Philly - June 6th. Make sure to catch Death Grips while they're on tour in a city near you, too... cause I hear it's one Hell of a LIVE experience!


  1. man! the death grips are on point right now. best new track on pitchfork? hell yeah! i just pre-ordered my copy of the new album… you should do the same haha. No but seriously, this group is going to resurrect hyped up rap music! the kind of tracks that you blast in your headphones just before going out to the clubs… or going out onto the field. either way, april 24th is going to be a good day!

  2. Yeah man, I love Ex-military! And honestly, i don't think The Money Store will have as many samples as Ex-m, simply because it's a "major label" album. But with that said, "I've Seen Footage" is my personal favourite from the new batch! Def going to that local Philly show & per-ordering a copy soon! Thank for the feedback! Could I ask you to Follow ["Join this site"]? Thank you kindly!