Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pieces of a Man: Drake & Rihanna - "Take Care" (Woodkid, Florence + The Machine)

Having re-listened to it over the past few months, I must admit, Tom Breihan was right... Take Care is hands down, Drake's strongest [full-length] effort since So Far Gone (2009). My personal favourite track and quite arguably the album's shining moment, "Take Care" has a deeply-rooted history. Originally penned by Blues singer-songwriter Bobby "Blue" Bland way back in 1966, Gil Scott-Heron re-appropriated "I'll Take Care of You" on his thirteenth record (2010). I'm New Here was liberated through XL Recordings, produced by labelhead Richard Russell, and features a wide array of newly-adopted musical stylings. Roughly a year later, Jamie xx was commissioned to produce a Dubstep-inspired remix album, We're New Here. Drake's Boom-Bap version of "Take Care" is essentially a refurbished edit that beefs up the Tribal drums and subs in Rihanna for Gil Scott-Heron on the hook.

Nearly 6 months after it's original release, we finally have a proper music video to go along with Take Care's title track. Skillfully directed by Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid), "Take Care" has been long-rumored and pushed back numerous times since initially being announced back in February. Woodkid sets the stage with a dark, yet vibrant music video... that's pretty emotional and "artsy," with no particular running plot-line. Drake & Rihanna engage in a long, drawn out hug and there's an underlying sense of intensity/sadness. Slow motion images of raging bulls, fluttering birds, karate kicks, smokey mountain-sides, and wild fires are juxtaposed against "Take Care"'s primary black-and-white scenes. Director X's slightly less serious, re-Bar Mitzvah themed music video for "HYFR" (Lil Wayne) was also released late Friday evening, just in time for Passover. Drake Care Take Care, Talk That Talk, and We're New Here are all currently available @ your neighborhood record store!

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