Monday, November 27, 2017

3 Feet High & Rising: Baltimore Emcee EU1OGY Unleashes Heavy Monique Juliette Baron-directed "TOP DOWN" Video from DAGGERS (self-released)

"PROGRESSIVE. Post-Violent, Hardcore Electronic Experimental. Aggro-lyrical tension like metal tentacles over a visceral palette of production. Primal screams, sentient machine bleeps, and heavy guitar," is how EU1OGY fittingly describes his musical output within his Bandcamp Bio. EU1OGY is the latest project from Baltimore emcee and multi-instrumentalist ISAAC.SHANE, which he formed between 2014-15. Prior to forming EU1OGY, Shane was part of a number of genre-blending bands including DEADABOVEGROUND (2003-05,) THE DEFECT (2007-09,) Letter Racer-signed NORMALLY IMPORTANT (2009-13,) A N M L AKA ANIMALHOUSE (2012-14,) and VYPER_ (2013-15.) EU1OGY's latest project, and first proper full-length, DAGGERS was preceded by 2016 single "DOWNWARD / BACK HOME," FIGURE IT OUT EP, and FLAWLESS VICTORY EP. DAGGERS was mixed and recorded by frequent EU1OGY collaborator P.MORRIS with production work from SPRAY, M4NNY, YUNG GUTTED, RICHMAN, and FAWKES, additional guitar work from ISAAC.SHANE and Scott Bacon, and cover design by Drohan Disanto. EU1OGY tells The Witzard he drew inspiration for DAGGERS from early 2000's Emo and Breakdown bands—such as Philly's own The Starting Line—as well as just his "day-to-day life in the influence."

ISAAC.SHANE continued: "DAGGERS tells the story of my life from 2013-2017 the ups and downs the calm the storm and just what I was thinking and feeling during leaving New York and coming back home" to Baltimore. Just a couple weeks ago, EU1OGY sent me his latest Monique Juliette Baron-directed video for DAGGERS/FLAWLESS VICTORY single, "TOP DOWN;" ISAAC.SHANE told me his "HOMIE CARL" AKA MANIKINETER had suggested he send his new album and video into The Witzard for submission. DAGGERS is tagged on Bandcamp as "electronic, emo, experimental, hip-hop, metalcore, rap, undergound, and Baltimore" and I would liken it to something along the lines of MANIKINETER meets The Downward Spiral/Further Down The Spiral-era Nine Inch Nails, as well as early Death Grips and even Kanye's Aggro-Rap opus, Yeezus. Monique Juliette Baron's treatment for "TOP DOWN" flashes back and forth between shots of EU1OGY spazzing out in a sparse white room to scenes of some sort of deranged dinner party/feast with a few scantily-clad guests, while EU1OGY barks atop SPRAY's glitched out 8-bit-reminiscent beat. DAGGERS is currently available on EU1OGY's Bandcamp, along with FLAWLESS VICTORY (on which "TOP DOWN" originally appeared) and the rest of his Digital Discography for the extremely reasonable price of $22.00 total! "EU1OGY VESSELS EP // 01.01.18."

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