Monday, November 6, 2017

The Witzard Premier: Words Hurt (ALASKA & Lang Vo) Announce New Album SOUL MUSIC FOR THE SOULLESS & Unleash "World's Worst Life Coach"

"The single is called "World's Worst Life Coach." It is from the album SOUL MUSIC FOR THE SOULLESS, which drops on Tuesday, November 28th and is available for pre-order. It is a comical take on New Age bullsh*t, personal branding, life coaches, and modern conformity," Words Hurt said within statement accompanying "World's Worst Life Coach," premiering right here at The Witzard. Words Hurt consists of emcee ALASKA and producer Lang Vo, who first worked together on "Impulse Control" from Lang Vo... Is Just An A**hole (2005.) ALASKA has been rhyming for nearly a quarter century and as part of the late 90's New York Indie-ground scene, his group Hanger 18 was once signed to El-P's world-renown Definitive Jux AKA Def Jux imprint. He's also part of The Atoms Family collective and has released projects with Cryptic One as IT, Crack Epidemic with Kojo, ATOMS, Zilla Rocca's Wrecking Crew, and is currently prepping his long-awaited solo debut for Pig Food Records to be released March 2018. Lang Vo, on the other hand, has released a slew of solo albums/EP's, as well as various projects with Brian Cox, Jeremy Roberts, steven hand, Clint Watson, Kwamizzle as REINFORCED STEEL, and even produced "RAIDERS FREESTYLE" from multi-disciplinary artist Kool A.D.'s 2016 mixtape, PARADIZA INFINITI.

Words Hurt's Bandcamp Bio fittingly describes themselves as "the merger between rapper ALASKA and producer Lang Vo. Together, they're the embodiment of using spite and self-deprecation to block out the rest of the a**holes clamoring for your attention." After submitting a verse for "Impulse Control," alongside fellow emcee Elsphinx, Lang Vo returned the favor by mixing ALASKA's 2015 OutKast-sampling ALKAST EP. He then, took it upon himself to hi-jack and effectively remix the entire collection as ALKAST:REMIXES, which ended up being issued as the first proper Words Hurt release. It was soon followed up with two 2016 digi-singles and before too long, their full-length debut, F**k That Pretty Boy Sh*t. Today, right here at The Witzard, Words Hurt are graciously premiering "World's Worst Life Coach" from their upcoming album, SOUL MUSIC FOR THE SOULLESS, which I've heard and can assure you, is without a doubt, worth your lunch money. "World's Worst Life Coach" is an interesting listen in today's cultural landscape, as it's penned and produced by two 40-something artists doing their best to rise above today's slew of "Mumble rappers" and Soulja Boy clones. ALASKA ferociously rhymes: "art is so arduous / Let's have online arguments / Twitter flame wars 'til your brain pours / out our eyes and die from incompetence" over Lang's hard-as-nails Bad Boy Records-evoking beat. SOUL MUSIC FOR THE SOULLESS is currently available for pre-order on Words Hurt's Bandcamp page and I can promise you, this is just Part 1 of a special 3-pronged The Witzard x Words Hurt collaborative initiative leading up to the album's 11/28 release.

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