Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Height Keech Unleashes Fourth Project of 2017 POWER MISSION: SELECTED GUEST SPOTS Featuring Cuts with TOBACCO, Jumbled, Drew Scott & More (Cold Rhymes Records)

"This is POWER MISSIONS, a collection of Height guest spots from 2002-present featuring @maniacmeat, @DrewciferScott, @TheMahogany, @cexmang, @kingrhythm, @emceeineye, @NapalmDef, @mickeymistakes, + more," @HeightKeech wrote within a recent Tweet self-promoting POWER MISSIONS: SELECTED GUEST SPOTS. POWER MISSIONS marks the fourth Height release of 2017 on his Cold Rhymes Records imprint, following self-produced album MIND MOVES THE MOINTAIN, Shark Tank's Height-produced Dan's House, and ialive & Height's collaborative TIMEWAVE ZERO album, as well as Height-compiled We Can't Go Back Now: The Cold Rhymes Collection from prolific oddball rapper-producer Jack Topht. POWER MISSIONS: SELECTED GUEST SPOTS consists of hand-selected Height features recorded and (un)released from 2002-17 with the likes of Grand Buffet, TOBACCO, Drew Scott, AK Slaughter, PT Burnem, Bow n' Arrow AKA Mickey Free, Emceein' Eye of Speak N' Eye, Bow n' Height & Cex, Jumbled, and King Rhythm. In addition to the more well-known tracks from the dusty corners of Height Keech's storied discography, POWER MISSIONS also showcases a few choice cuts that have been previously unreleased up until this point, but I'll let Height get into those down below with his quick, yet thorough album breakdown. POWER MISSIONS: SELECTED GUEST SPOTS is now available to stream or download on Cold Rhymes Records' Bandcamp and will likely be the first volume in an on-going, career-spanning series.

"1. "Lord Grunge Introduction"
* from an unreleased Grand Buffet live bootleg from 2007, recorded by Josh Rogers of Illuminated Paths.

2. "Sweatmother" - La Uti EP Version (TOBACCO)

3. "Spoils" (Drew Scott)
* Drew Scott - ILL VESSEL

4. "Slow Beat" Remix (AK Slaughter/Mickey Free)
* an unreleased remix of "Slow Beat," from AK Slaughter's It's Not You, It's Us.

5. "Slow Seas" (PT Burnem)
* PT Burnem - Paper Cranes

6. "Sixteen Dumptrucks" (Bow n' Arrow)
* Bow n' Arrow - I Saved My Life

7. "Bow Did" (Bow n' Arrow)
* Bow n' Arrow - I Saved My Life

8. "Ghostface & Cappadonna" [Headhat Records]
* Headhat for Cats compilation

9. "Make These Tunes" (Emceein' Eye)
* Emceein' Eye - Eye Am That I Ain't EP

10. "Dual Presidents" (Bow n' Height/Cex)
* a previously unreleased Bow n' Height tune, produced by Cex.

11. "Pinecone Hill" (PT Burnem)
* PT Burnem - Paper Cranes

12. "Lamplight" (Jumbled)
* Jumbled - [I wish it was longer] (AKA WIWL)

13. "Current Floor" Remix (King Rhythm)
* a remix of "Current Floor," off King Rhythm's Hardships & Headtrips. This remix was previously released on the Friends Records compilation called Friends & Friends of Friends."

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